Hi I’m Kirsty. And I’m an Accountant.

But don’t judge. It’s just the career I happened to choose 25 years ago. And don’t worry, this is NOT an accounting blog.

I’m not that boring either (at least my dog Neo doesn’t think so). And bedsides I don’t do much accounting nowadays, making me more ex-accountant.

I like to Philosophise. Or Philosophize.

To read, learn and observe what’s going on around me. I’ve always looked for answers – better ways of doing things. Questioning: Why? How? What the??

I get frustrated because there are opportunities for people to improve their lives. Often they don’t see them. Or don’t want to see them.

Through learning and opening our minds to different ideas, we can make better decisions in our everyday lives.

My blogs will be about anything in the realm of health, wealth and happiness. With a holistic twist.

Me, in brief
  • Home is Auckland, New Zealand: a country of just 4.5 million people and a culture not dissimilar to USA or UK
  • Married to Wayne: my high school sweetheart
  • Mother of 2 boys: Stefan 13, Orlando 12
And what about you?

I speak in human terms about challenges we all face. Encouraging people to think for themselves and from their hearts. Making choices that work for them as individuals, rather than following everyone else.

Helping people help themselves

Open your mind and begin to look at everything Differently.


I welcome your views and feedback.